Welcome to the TACIT website

TACIT stands for Tool for Addressing Conflicts of Interest in Trials and is a tool that provides review authors with a framework for addressing conflicts of interest in trials included in Cochrane Reviews and other systematic reviews.

We aim to develop a tool that facilitates a systematic and transparent judgement of "notable concern" about conflicts of interest in relation to key trial stakeholders, including funders, investigators and authors of randomised clinical trials included in Cochrane reviews and other systematic reviews.

TACIT facilitates a structured integration of information on conflicts of interest in relation to other systematic review processes and tools allowing review authors to use TACIT judgements for:

  • additional exploratory data analysis (e.g. subgroup or sensitivity analyses that exclude trials for which there are notable concerns about conflicts of interest)
  • assessment of differences in the design of eligible trials (e.g. as addressed by GRADE)
  • judgement of risk of bias in a trial’s effect estimate (using the Risk of Bias 2 tool)
  • judgement of risk of bias in synthesis due to missing results (using the Risk of Bias due to Missing Evidence tool)