About Us

TACIT is currently under development by a working group of clinical research methodologists, content experts, trialists, medical journal editors and researchers with industry experience. TACIT is developed under the auspices of the Cochrane Bias Methods Group.


TACIT development is informed by TACIT researh projects and the actual tool is planned to be released in 2020 (See below for additional details). 


The TACIT website will feature updates about TACIT developement and relevant publications.


TACIT Steering group members

Andreas Lundh

Asbjørn Hróbjartsson

Isabelle Boutron

Lesley Stewart



TACIT Working group members

Alastair Matheson

Angela Webster

An-Wen Chan

Brett Thombs

Elie Akl

Holger Schünemann

Jesse Berlin

Jonathan Sterne

Julian Higgins

Kerry Dwan

Lisa Bero

Matthew Page

Tom Jefferson

Wim Weber

TACIT development history and expected timeline

Autumn 2015

TACIT Steering Group established

Spring 2016

TACIT Working Group established

Summer 2016

Framework document drafted

Spring 2017

Final framework document approved

Summer 2017

Protocol for TACIT1 research project developed

Autumn 2017

Protocols for TACIT2 and TACIT3 research projects developed

Autumn 2018

Pilottesting of preliminary version of TACIT

Spring 2019

Prototype version of TACIT developed

Summer 2019

Revision of TACIT

Winter 2020-21

End user testing of TACIT

Summer 2021

Revision of TACIT based on end user testing

Autumn 2021

Release of TACIT